My friend Joanne from Flight 167 paid for me to get my handwriting analyzed by the cutest little old man in Market Square today. He’s been in the same spot analyzing handwriting for the last 25 years. Why is this the first time I’ve ever seen him?? I must be blind.

A great capacity for getting things done.
One who is prudent and careful.
Vivid imagination.
Enthusiastic, vibrant and impulsive.
Restless, energetic and active in nature.
Talkative person.
Adaptable, flexible and adjustable person. (not sure about that one)
Likes to spend money and has to constantly check this tendency. (spot on)
One apt to be lax or late in keeping appointments. (NOT TRUE. I am always early)
You have a taste for change and variety.
Sympathetic nature, one easily imposed upon.
Continued conflict between the head and the heart. (Very true)
Energy and enthusiasm for things which claim your personal interest.
Posses a quick animated personality.
Sincere individual, straightforward in your actions.
Friendly affectionate person.
Easy to get along with and not too demanding.
Easily excited with tremendous enthusiasm.
Great imagination and self-esteem, enterprising person.
Persevering and determined mind.
Possessing strong passions.
One who desires all the good things in life.
Loving pleasure and comfort.
Honest, conscientious and straightforward.
Sensitive to music, art and human emotions.
A person with a sense of humour.

Being restless
Being hurried
Being impatient
Feeling anxious

true true true and true!!

Sarah you have a quick and alert mind, with a capacity to get things done and in your own way.

What a fun present. Thanks Joanne!

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  1. Phil says:

    How interesting!! I’m going to be in Victoria tomorrow so I might see if I can find him….

    Love your blog by the way 🙂

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