Hairy Workmen

I’m always uncomfortable when workmen have to come to my house. Yesterday they were here working on our balcony (we are doing upgrades in the building) so I had to let them into the house to get access.

They were nice enough but it still weirds me out. Plus I always feel like I should be helping them and I find it uncomfortable to be around when people are doing things to my house. I guess I’m a bit protective of my cave.  🙂

To make matters more uncomfortable The Hair Workmen were also smoking in the parking lot beside my dining room window … for some reason I can’t ask people not to smoke. I’m a warrior woman in almost every aspect of my life but I always feel like an asshole when I ask someone to stop smoking. Not sure why I have issues with that but I need to work on it.  🙂

So Fergus and I went for a walk … and I accidental bought some shoes. *laugh* The 12 year old in me couldn’t resist these sparkly runners.

Glitter is a neutral colour right?  🙂

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  1. Holly says:

    I want to marry your shoes!

  2. Jenny C says:

    um, me wants those shoes. Glitter and Converse in one package? I thought that only existed in dreams!! 🙂

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