Hair …

I saw this picture and I thought … Hey! I miss my long curly hair!!

So I started growing my hair out again in Feb for fun… although it’s been anything but fun. If any of you out there have curly Jew hair … you know my pain.

There is a period of time between short and long that its sooo not cute. I feel like an over-grown poodle most of the time and I hate being the girl who has to blow-dry her hair for 20 minutes.

I hate having to wear a headband every day. I hate how I can’t take a nap or I’ll mess it up and look like a crazy person…Most of the time I think I look like Bea.

Don’t get me wrong – I love Bea – but I don’t want her hair …

I was cleaning out my computer the other day and found an out-take from one of the photo-shoots for the 2011 calendar and it makes me want to cut my hair short again.

My hairdresser (who is the one encouraging me to grown it out) is going to be so sad when I tell her to cut it short again but I think I am meant to have short hair… Maybe  we should have a vote?? 🙂






p.s. dear person who always writes me to tell me that I’m shallow and that there are starving children and tortured animals in the world who have it worse then me … at the end of the day I know my hair isn’t important in the grand scheme of things… So you don’t have to write me again. You’re getting on my nerves so give it a rest would ya?

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