Hair …

I saw this picture and I thought … Hey! I miss my long curly hair!!

So I started growing my hair out again in Feb for fun… although it’s been anything but fun. If any of you out there have curly Jew hair … you know my pain.

There is a period of time between short and long that its sooo not cute. I feel like an over-grown poodle most of the time and I hate being the girl who has to blow-dry her hair for 20 minutes.

I hate having to wear a headband every day. I hate how I can’t take a nap or I’ll mess it up and look like a crazy person…Most of the time I think I look like Bea.

Don’t get me wrong – I love Bea – but I don’t want her hair …

I was cleaning out my computer the other day and found an out-take from one of the photo-shoots for the 2011 calendar and it makes me want to cut my hair short again.

My hairdresser (who is the one encouraging me to grown it out) is going to be so sad when I tell her to cut it short again but I think I am meant to have short hair… Maybe  we should have a vote?? 🙂






p.s. dear person who always writes me to tell me that I’m shallow and that there are starving children and tortured animals in the world who have it worse then me … at the end of the day I know my hair isn’t important in the grand scheme of things… So you don’t have to write me again. You’re getting on my nerves so give it a rest would ya?

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  1. Momo says:

    I love your short hair 🙂 It’s very sexy/sassy. I wish I could pull off a cropped cut and look as good as you do!

  2. Cassie says:

    I think you look lovely either way. But with short hair, you can certainly have more fun with wigs, where you can have any kind of hair you like at any time. 🙂

  3. Melissa says:

    I think you’re gorgeous either way. The short hair just seems to suit you better. And is easier to style 🙂

    Also, I love that you write about whatever crosses your mind. I don’t think you’re shallow at all.

  4. Sarah says:

    I agree with Momo, I love the short hair, I wish I could have curly hair like you, as I love it long and curly, but the short looks gorgeous on you and I wish I could pull it off……….short is SO much easier!

    as for your lovely email friend….people are idiots, if you can block him/her seriously do it. guaranteed they frown when they have a bad hair day or cant find that right outfit to wear to an event or break a nail or get a dent in their car or whatever other shallow thing out there it is thats gets to them…. everyone has them, thats pretty standard!

  5. Larissa says:

    Short! (The other girls at the shop agree, too.) You’re such a dreamboat.

  6. Cathi C. says:

    I’ll play. One vote for letting it grow. You are lucky you look great either way. The one time I went short (other than childhood), I looked like a q-Tip: big round head, big round butt. BTW, I think your Jew’fro rocks !!

  7. Silvia says:

    I’m letting my Jew fro grow out as well! Don’t cut it! I need a sympathetic, kindred spirit! It will have gravitas in a few months! I can finally have a tiny little ponytail (looks like a Pug tail) and complement it with a bandana.

    DON’T CUT IT…let it grow out and THEN get yourself someone who really knows how to cut curly hair (finding one is a challenge, but they do exist!)

    Yours, fellow Jewish-girl-in-need-of-hairgrowing-buddy

  8. Jennifer says:

    I have curly hair like yours. I just got a “brazillian Blow out”, it softens the curl and eases the frizz. I can blow dry it straight in 15 minutes if I want too, but if I just let it air dry the curl is way more manageable and softer. It last 3 months, I had mine a month and a half ago and is still good. I don’t shampoo much though….because my hair is dry….

    I will have brazillian blowouts for the rest of my life. They totally made my hair manageable and smooth for the first time eva. I was able to get bangs and have them not look redonkulous.

    Down side, its a totally chemical process which sucks…but it works that’s for sure.

  9. Jenny C says:

    You have such a pretty face, Sarah. It would be a shame to cover it up with hair. You pull off the pixie cut so nicely…stick with it! It suits your quirky, funky personality!

  10. Melissa in NC says:

    I like it both ways. I have curly hair and do the long thing. Im a fan of cute little pig tales and buns and stuff.

  11. Phebe says:

    I agree you look good both ways, but if I would you I would grow it out – despite how truly annoying that inbetween phase is – because I think it is more satisfying when you finally cut it off later.

    After having long hair and shaving my head the first time, I am now growing it out (it’s now almost mid-back length) a second time so that I can shave it all over again! It feels so liberating to chop it all off. Maybe if you did grow it out, you could donate it to a charity wig-making place, or auction it off for an animal charity on

  12. Maria Rose says:

    Nobody is ever happy with in between hair. I think either way is best, but short is the easiest! Although you do have to cut it more frequently to keep it up. Electrolysis and wigs perhaps.

  13. Alyssa says:

    I share your pain. I too have a Jew fro. It’s curly and fluffy, so please take my advice: I say SHORT!

    For real, you look so cute and spunky. It really brings out your eye’s and facial features.

    Keep! It! Short!
    Keep! It! Short!

  14. Lesley says:

    I vote for short!!! I tried to grow out my hair (I have the opposite problem as you – fine, fine pencil-straight hair) and it just wasn’t right – go short!

  15. Sara says:

    I LOVE your hair short! I WISH I could have that type of haircut, and look as great as you do. 🙂

    annnnd on another note…you are not selfish or shallow at all. Your cooksbooks are what brought me to where I am today. I am an animal lover and anti-meat eater because of you, your knowledge, and your compassion. So I say thank you. 🙂

  16. Sara says:

    *cookbooks…yes I had to correct it 🙂

  17. HappieKamper says:

    I like the in between curls!

  18. Rebecca says:

    I love the silver pixie! So… What products did you use on it when it was that short? I think our hair is similar, but I can never, ever find stuff that works. What beauty products do you recommend in general?

    By the way, anyone who dedicates herself, as you have, to promoting a vegan lifestyle (so good for the planet) is not shallow. Period.

  19. Alisha says:

    I love it short! Love love!

    And I agree with Rebecca about dedicating yourself to a vegan lifestyle. You would think that someone with an opinion such as your email buddy’s would be more willing to dedicate more of their own time to saving said tortured animals (The Cove anyone?) than emailing you. Because quite frankly, that’s just counter productive.

  20. Anne says:

    While I love your hair both ways I am a tad more partial to it short…it looks very sexy and fun and it really shows off your eyes.

  21. paisley says:

    I think you look great with your hair long or short. But… I really like that picture of you with the short hair best. My vote is for short:)

  22. Julie says:

    I think you look gorgeous with your short hair Sarah. And, might I add, that your beautiful silver hair helped inspire me to let mine go natural. Just another vote from the peanut gallery.

    How annoying that you get those rude emails. Obviously they don’t have anything better to do with their time.

  23. Natasha says:

    I love the long hair 🙂 I think it looks awesome….

    and to that person who is saying mean things about you …I don’t think you are shallow at all… That person needs to get a life. If they have so much time to write to you and say mean things, why are they not spending that time saving the starving children.. just a thought…

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