Good Life Cleanse: Day 6

Day 6 of my Good Life Juice Cleanse was awesome. I woke up full of energy and was raring to go!! Gerry and I ran errands all day. I can tell that it was a super busy day because I didn’t take any photos during the day … ha ha.

I really thought when I started that there was no way I could finish a 7 day cleanse but here I am! Tomorrow is my last day and I’m a little sad about it!! 🙁

10881943_411119132400935_1494929698_nAs my cleanse come to a close I’ve been thinking of some tips I could share that would help you if you ever decide to do a juice cleanse.

#1: Water. If you’re feeling hungry – drink a big glass of water. Feeling cranky? Water. Feeling woozy. Water. Feeling tired. Water. Have a headache? Water.

It is VITAL that you drink water during your cleanse to flush out all the toxins that get stirred up during the cleanse. Yes you’ll pee a lot but it’s not that big a deal.

#2. Flavoured Toothpicks. My mouth tasted like garbage for the first 3-4 days and brushing/scraping your tongue can help – you can’t do that when you’re at the bank. So I found organic mint-flavoured toothpicks at the healthfood store and anytime my mouth tasted horrible I’d pop one in. It was better then a stick of gum and plus you get to look like a cool tough-guy. Ayyyyy sit on it! (Fonzi reference).

#3. Chillax. Take this time to listen to your body. If it’s tired? Rest. If you’re stressed out or trying to fit too many things into your day – your cleanse will backfire. This is your week to nourish your body and be chill.

#4. Exercise. I had no problem doing Aquafit or going for dog walks – I just took it easy and listened to my body. For example when I took the dogs to the beach I usually walk and a brisk pace for 45 minutes. During the cleanse I walked at a leisurely pace and when I started to feel tired – instead of pushing myself – I sauntered back to the car. 🙂

#5. Do you. If you need to add a little something to your cleanse to make it through the week – do it. I added eating an avocado between 1-3pm and it made everything so much easier. My guts needed a little something extra to help them through the day. I don’t feel badly because I made a smart choice.

Don’t forget that if you want to try Good Life Cleanse – use the code: govegangogoodlife for 15% off your order (until April 15th).

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