Good bye beach …

… hello spring! On Thursday Fergus and I said our final good-bye to our favourite beach walk with one last romp in the sea. See you on OCT!! 🙂
Everything is in full bloom right now. One day Victoria is gray, wet and clammy … then next it’s green and luscious! We went for a walk around town on Sunday and it was glorious!
I’ve finally stripped all the wallpaper in the bedroom and am now waiting for the delivery of my new exciting wallpaper and I’m also trying to figure out what paint to choose. That’s all I’ll say for now … 🙂

Lastly – Shawna from Australia sent me this photo of my book in a window of a store in Melborne. Look. Obama is right beside me. Swoon! I’m finally getting into the groove of not having any major projects in the works. I felt a little overwhelmed with not having any work to work on … but I have so many other things I’ve put on the back burner for the cookbooks that I am excited to get working on them at my leisure.

I am so enjoying my life right now …

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  1. Maria Rose says:

    Looks beautiful there! Good luck on your many projects. I can’t wait to see your wallpaper choice!

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