Go Vegan Calendar – March

Ahhh ha ha. This photo always cracks me up.

Obvious spoof of Attack of the 50ft Woman. This photo was one of the ones I stressed out about the most as I wasn’t sure we could pull so many different elements together. How was I going to pose? What was I going to wear? Could we get the photo and drawings to work well together … but it turned out to be the easiest photo of the bunch.

Gerry drew the back-ground (with the CN Tower in the back to add a little Canadian flavour) and Rudee put all the design elements together and added such brilliant touches like the “Vegan 3-d glasses” etc.

The blurb above the recipe I wrote after watching the trailer for the movie. My favourite line is “Grown men will weep like babies…

In my hands is mini Mork doll that I grabbed from my shelf of toys and the beautiful dress is from Bettie Paige Clothing. All together I think we shot maybe 6-10 photos and got the pose right away. Like I said… easy photo shoot.

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