Go Vegan Calendar – JUNE

What can I say about June’s photo? For starters the fabulous dress I’m wearing is from Bettie Page Clothing. I loved this dress so much I also wore it in the April photo.   🙂

The “vegan” bowl was made by the fabulous Jeanette Zeis of Vegan Dish.

You can visit her store/pottery HERE. I love all her stuff but especially the new cake-stands she’s making. I gotta get my hands on one of those. 🙂

The apron of course is from The Secret Society of Vegans … which I know nothing about and may or may not be a member of.

The photo for June was inspired by this advert I found …

I love the look of overwhelmed joy on this woman’s face. I feel like she’s crying so hard that she’s laughing so hard that she’s crying. You know? As soon as I saw the image – I knew I wanted to pay homage to it.

Plus I couldn’t figure out a good way to veganize this advert. *laugh*

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3 Responses to Go Vegan Calendar – JUNE

  1. MissDeeCanada says:

    WOW, I love the GOOD TIME GIRLS advert! Too funny some of the things they use to post!

    With that in mind, I think that I will email you a collection of old funny adverts !

  2. Maria Rose says:

    We just flipped the page on our calendar and Cordelia had to stare at that picture for a loooong time.

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