Go Vegan Calendar – January

“There are no holidays in the fight against evil!” – Maxwell Smart

So most of you by now have cracked open your 2010 Go Vegan Calendar and I thought it might be fun if each month I talked a little bit about what inspired the photos.

Jan is the “Get Smart” photo which was one of those not planned “fluke” photos that happens when you’re shooting for something else.

We were shooting test shots for the cover of Vegan A Go-Go to make sure the wardrobe/accessories/concept was working and at the end of the shoot I wanted to do a few product shots for the companies that gifted me items for the cover photo – Mink Shoes, my custom ‘vegan’ earrings by Brookadelphia Jewelry and the dress by Stop Staring.

We did a bunch of different shots and by the end of the shoot I was feeling tired and a little punchy (it’s hard work being glamorous- ha ha). In a fit of giggles I said to Gerry “Take a photo of me talking into the shoe like a phone!” It was one of those silly one-off shots that turned into being one of my favourite photos Gerry has ever taken of me.

It’s obviously reminiscent of the amazing Don Adams (the star of one of my favourite childhood TV shows Get Smart) but that wasn’t even in my mind when we shot the photo. I was just being a goof…

When it came time to put together the 2010 calendar I knew this photo had to be part of it and I thought paying homage to Get Smart would be a fun way to promote veganism. It was awesome doing research for this month because I watched a ton of Get Smart Youtube Videos and didn’t have to feel guilty for spending my day on youtube because it was for “work“. My job is awesome sometimes!! 🙂

Rudee (who did the layout for the calendar) did a great job with the tiny details on this month. In particular I love that the top of the television says “Kramervision”. It’s those tiny details that Rudee did that makes the calendar so much fun.

BTW. The hat I’m wearing was made by me. I bought a hat-form at Dress/Sew and glue-gunned on some leopard fabric scraps I had laying around. I topped the hat with a red ribbon to secure it to my head (and for sassy appeal). It’s not the most well-made hat (the back of the hat has no fabric at all – ha ha) but it worked well for the photos.

Now if you’ll excuse me – Control is calling me with my latest assignment and I have to go warm up The Cone of Silence …

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