Go Vegan Calendar – SEPT!

Holy cow! How is it September already?

This was a fun month to shoot … OBVIOUSLY I’m spoofing Breakfast At Tiffany’s but we had to make a few adjustments.

Number one. Fergus would not sit around my neck like the cat in the original poster. *laugh* So we compromised by dressing him up in pearls. Isn’t he darling?

Second. Audrey has a cigarette sticking out of her mouth and there is no way I’m going to promote smoking as glamorous so we decided to replace the cigarette with that famous NYC Coffee Cup that she holds as she’s looking in the window at Tiffany’s.

I think the mish-mash works …

Rudee did a great job of “posterizing” the image and my favourite part of the poster is the “Brought to you in Veg-o-Vision” in the bottom corner of the page… It’s the little details that always cracks me up. I don’t know why the movie isn’t rated “V-for vegan audiences” … I guess it didn’t dawn on us at the time.

I used lines from trailer to help me write the poster tagline as well as the text above the recipe.

They don’t make trailers like this anymore … Isn’t George Peppard dreamy? 🙂

The BEAUTIFUL dress I’m wearing is a Bettie Page Clothing creation. I almost kept this one … but kept the polkadot one from November instead.

The tiara that I’m wearing is actually a necklace that I’ve had since 1986. I purchased it to wear to my grade 12 grad (I should dig up those photos) and it’s my most prized piece of vintage jewelry.

The recipe is for Apple Pie Pancakes and is a quick easy delicious recipe that quickly proves to naysayers that you don’t need eggs to make a good pancake. Mmmm. I may make pancakes for dinner. YUM!

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