Go Vegan Calendar – APRIL

I have had a long-time fascination/love affair with propaganda posters and this one by Alexander Rodchenko is one of my favourites and I thought it was a perfect choice to re-imagine with a vegan message.

As usual Rudee from SSOV did a great job of interpreting the poster and my ideas … we sure do make a good team.

As for the outfit – the strawberry scarf is one I’ve had since high-school and I rarely wear it – but was happy to pull out for this shoot (I knew there was a good reason I was a pack-rat) and the dress is from Bettie Page Clothing who’s dresses I love love love. Nothing makes me feel sexier then a well made vintage-style dress.  🙂

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  1. sally williams says:

    I love your calendar!I have it hanging on the wall on my desk where the meat eaters hang out.

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