Ghost Whisperer

If you’re in Victoria and you need a real estate agent… Dominique Tregurtha is the one to get. She’s lovely, funny, totally listens to your needs and is the most organized person I have ever met. She has made this entire experience a total breeze. She works for SUTTON and you can contact her HERE.

So I’m fairly sure there’s some sort of ghost type thing in the new condo. The first time we went and looked at it there was one spot in the house that every time I stood near it I would feel a little dizzy and sick to my stomach. I would move … feel better. Go back to the spot… feel sick. I don’t even believe in ghosts… but I sure was feeling something.

When we went back for a 2nd viewing the same thing happened. Sick and dizzy in that certain spot. So as inspected all the nooks and crannies I kept thinking to myself “I really love your house. Please don’t be scared of us.

Gerry, Dominique and I sat in the kitchen and decided to put an offer in. Dominique suggested we start low and while we discussing what price to start with I swear to you that I had a specific number forced into my head while we were all talking. I dismissed it and went with Dominique’s suggestion since it was lower than the number that was rattling around in my head. I do love a good barter.

She left to talk to the other realtor and called us back with their counter. Ooooh. We were excited. They went down in price by $8000. Gerry was ready to settle on the spot but that specific number was still bouncing around in my head so I asked Dominique to counter with that number. She called back a few minutes later and asked if we’d take $1000 above what our final counter was. We shrieked with glee and said YES YES YES! We got the place for $10 000 less than the asking price! Did I mention that I LOVE A GOOD BARTER!!

The place was ours. Wow. Watching all those house buying shows on HGTV really helped. *laugh* And you gotta give props to Ghosty for the bartering tip.

So now I’m hoping that Ghosty has moved on … but if they haven’t … what should I do? I don’t really believe in ghosts but on the other hand I’ve had lots of weird ghost type experiences in my life so maybe I should just go with it and realize that all these experiences add up to something.

Maybe I’m like Jennifer Love Hewitt in The Ghost Whisperer but without the fantastic cleavage.

A friend suggested that we enter the house and say “We don’t need you here anymore. Thank you!” and see if that works. Do you guys have any ghost experiences??

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Just “Love” them over Sarah. Say a prayer for them to cross over, tell them that it’s time to move on, and it’s ok to go, that you’ll take good care of their old home. Sometimes it takes a while for them to move on and sometimes they come back for a “peek” once in a while.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have heard that you can say something like “We lovingly ask that you now go to the light” or you can burn sage and just hold hands with Gerry and say something like “may the love that remains in these wall remain, and we release whatever negativity remains”.

  3. bea says:

    The one in my place and I pretty much ignore each other, but my cat is extremely not fond of her and I feel bad whenever I laugh at her for getting all wigged out.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have had a few spiritual experiences like so. I say spiritual because my definiton of what a ghost is confuses some.

    I know that my parents blessed their home when they moved in. I am not quite certain as to how that works.

    Though I honestly do not believe that spirits can really do harm to you so unreasonably. You should be okay. I shall look up some methods…

  5. Judy says:

    Yes, I have heard that kindly asking the spirits to leave is the answer too. You could also try smudging the house with sage.

  6. KleoPatra says:

    i love stuff like this. i way believe in the spirits of loved ones being with us after their time in this material world… very interesting.

    And fun to barter, ‘eh? Your new digs are gonna rock!! Go Sarah, Gerry and Fergus!

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