Galloping Goose

Gerry and I had the day off today and we decided to take Fergus on a nice long bike ride along The Galloping Goose. I think The Goose is one of Victoria’s best kept secrets… it’s quite magical. There you are in the center of the dirty city and you’re riding your bike where the train rails used to be and you are surrounded by over grown trees, birds-a-plenty and fresh clean air. It’s lovely.

We rode from our place in Vic West (downtown) to Planet Organic out in East Sannich. We bought some black olive hummus and rice crackers and had a nice little picnic in the shade by Swan Lake.
Fergus didn’t walk/run with us the entire trip… he spent most of his time in my bike basket catching the wind in his ears.
Honestly it was hard to keep upright on the bike I was laughing so hard every time the wind caught him.
Speaking of Fergus… he sure does fully relax when he’s in Becca’s arms. As we got close to home there is quite a bit of construction going on near our place and we rode by a sweaty workman who yelled over the bulldozer noise “My girlfriend loves your cookbooks! We had guacamole last night!” It was super cute…

I think I may have gotten a bit too much sun even with all the sunscreen I slathered on my face. I need a good summer hat.

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  1. angela says:

    we used to do that ride all the time – I love the Galloping Goose – one day, when you are feeling especially ambitious – you can walk all the way to Sidney – which is kinda cool too!
    Boo hoo now I miss Victoria!

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