Hello my fabulous friends!!
I am about to hold an online fundraiser for the I am writing to ask if you have any goods or services you would like to donate. I am looking for anything and everything that you think would sell. 100% of the $$ raised goes to the costs of running the festival.

An example of some of the items I am selling are:

$500 for vegan author Sarah Kramer to sing a ukulele song of the persons choice for a youtube video. Yikes 😉
$150 for a painting by Gerry Kramer
$150 gift basket from Vega
$75 gets you a 10 minute facetime conversation with vegan author Sarah Kramer 🙂
$50 gets you a limited edition Victoria Vegan Fest t-shirt
$10 gets you a twitter shout out
Etc. Etc.

If you have anything you’d like to donate whether it be your services, an autograph, a gift card, a massage, a trip to Brazil … whatever you think would sell well on the fundraising website. I would really appreciate it. Lemme know asap if you can help by e-mailing me HERE.

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