Fun with Husband…

Had fun with Husband on our day off yesterday. We wallpapered a wall in the dining room and I think we did a pretty good job for never wallpapering before!! A few minor details I wish we could fix… but nothing too major.

I’m kinda proud of us. 🙂

Now I need to re-cover the chair seats, find a sweet teak side-board and get a new rug for under the dining table because our other rug was leaving weird glue marks on the floor. Thanks a lot Ikea. Pffft.

Oh! If you’re bored you should check out Gerry’s new website. It’s top notch!

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0 Responses to Fun with Husband…

  1. VegMomma says:

    That looks so dang cool!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Looking Good! Sure has changed from the original pictures you posted from when you first bought it. How’s the kitchen coming along?

  3. Nats says:

    woahs. I LOVE that wallpaper. your place is so cool!

  4. E.K. Wimmer says:

    I really like those orange chairs. Now you just need a 70s white egg-chair.

  5. Ashley says:

    I love that table!

  6. sar says:

    kick ass wall paper!

  7. Miranda says:

    that is SO BEAUTIFUL. when you mentioned wallpaper i instinctively crindged. you both have quite the eye for decorating.

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