Fergus want haircut!

Day 18 … Poor Fergus had to miss his haircut appointment Tuesday (at Top-Dog doggie spa) because he was too busy barfing up ocean water and now he is slowing turning into a wooly lamb.

I’m obsessed with his hair when it gets this long. His back becomes a cascade of finger-curls and his color changes and becomes more apricot. His ears also start to look like they’ve been crimped.

If it wasn’t so hot out right now I’d let it grow a little longer but nobody wants to wear a fur coat in the summer. Actually nobody should ever want to wear a fur coat. They’re disgusting. Do you hear me Janet Jackson??

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  1. Cathi C. says:

    Baah baah apricot sheep, have you any jam? Most adorable whatever his “do.”

  2. why says:

    Hey, I am curious as to why that orange color comes up on the back. You said when it gets a certain length it starts getting the color – so where does that come from? I’ve seen that type before when they looked like they had rust on them around their eyes and stuff, makes them look kind of unhealthy looking, weird how it depends on length of the coat.

    Also, I never seen any of this mentioned on Janet Jackson’s blog. I hope she isn’t planning on hunting lilfido down and making some fingerless gloves out of her. 😮

    Anyway, she is cute …. and furry. I never thought about cutting off the coat because of the weather, I just let nature take its course, except for the bathing. Yes, they must be bathed!!!!

  3. why says:

    oops, I meant HE!!!! is cute . sorry.

  4. sarah says:

    I’m dogging on Janet Jackson because she’s doing a Fur Ad for some fur coat company. BAD Janet. Bad! 🙁

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