Fergus takes a dive…

Fergus has really come a long way since we first moved in here and he had separation issues, remember The Howling video?? Just about broke my heart. Since then he’s really settled down and is fine if we leave him alone for a few hours.

To make sure he’s ok when I leave, I like to occasionally set up the video camera and see what he does while we’re gone. He wanders around a little, sniffs the air occasionally but mostly he sleeps by the front door until I come home.

Normally the camera is on the floor by the front door… but this time I set up the camera on the couch instead of the floor so I could see more of him as he wanders around…

This is “The Fergus” couch… a small vintage couch that needs to be re-covered… but until then Fergus has re-claimed it as his couch to snuffle, sleep, roll around on, rub himself and wipe his face on when he’s feeling frisky.

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