Fergus love Stefan Thompson

Day 103 … One day a guy in a jaunty cap wandered into the tattoo shop and asked if we would be interested in buying some art. Normally when dudes come in asking if we want to buy something – it’s either something they’ve stolen that want to sell to subsidize their crack habit or it’s some bad grade 8 art class art that we have to politely decline.

So needless to say I was SHOCKED when Stefan opened up his porfolio and showed us his stuff. On the spot I dropped cash on a bunch of little bird drawings he had done and I loved them so much that when I got home I emailed and asked him if he would do a drawing of Fergus.

Here is one of three drawings he did of The Fergus but my photo doesn’t do it justice. There are all kinds of color layers going on and he managed to capture the mischievous twinkle that Fergus flashes. 🙂

Check out Stefan Thompson HERE.

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