Fergus love opportunities!!

Day 62 … Fergus is not a bad dog. He’s only every ruined two things in his entire life.

He chewed my friend Jen’s reading glasses (he was a puppy) and he destroyed my friend Hals book about motorcycles (he was a puppy).

Plus there was the time he pooped on the bed (he was a puppy) but in all fairness we were having a party and there were lots of people over. It was exciting …

He’s never been the type of dog to beg for food or steal hot dogs out of childrens’ hands … so imagine my surprise yesterday when I caught him licking out my cereal bowl.

I wonder what other “bad” things he does when he thinks I’m not around. I better check the bed for poop.

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  1. VivreVegan says:

    My youngest cat does that all the time ! Always wanting to steal food. My dog would love to… but she’s way to small 🙂

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