Fergus – from the vault

Day 75 … For those of you who don’t know – we used to live with three cats as well as Fergus.

Riley. Black Bumps and Douglas. They all passed away within 2 years of each other. It was rough. Riley had cancer. BB had kidney disease and Douglas (pictured here) had a deadly blood infection from a fight.

Fergus had funny relationships with all of them. With Riley (the king of the house) Fergus would follow him around like a shadow. Riley was not impressed but since Fergus was a puppy and had no boundaries there wasn’t much Riley could do.

One day I caught Fergus lying ON TOP of Riley – licking his ears out. That’s when I knew they had come to an understanding.

BB was a hard-sell. He scratched Fergus on the eyeball early on and from that moment on he kept his distance from BB. They tolerated each other… but near the end of BB’s life (when his health was starting to deteriorate) Fergus and he would cuddle. It makes me tear up thinking about it.

Douglas (in the photo) lived with Fergus the longest but he also took the longest to warm up. When Fergus first arrived Douglas spent the first month on the top of the cat tree. He would moan/groan/hiss whenever Fergus would come near.

When Riley and BB passed away (within a couple of months of each other) – Douglas and Fergus became fast friends. Fergus would chase Douglas around the house (not sure if Douglas enjoyed that or not). They would cuddle and Fergus would lick out his ears. Douglas would moan but I’m not sure if that was pleasure or frustration. Fergus can get a little aggressive with his licking … 🙂

When Douglas passed away it was sudden. Fine one day. Sick the next. Dead the next. It was a shock but Fergus got me through. He was suddenly extra silly around that time and did his best to make sure that Gerry and I were always laughing.

I sure do miss the holy trinity of pussy … but I don’t miss all that hair. It took me forever to get out of the house sometimes. Those lint brushes never work like they should.

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