Fast Food Nation

We watched Fast Food Nation tonight. What a disappointment.

Linklater had a real opportunity there to make a fantastic movie and instead he shit the bed.

Have you seen it? What did you think of it?

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  1. KleoPatra says:

    Oh no! What a disappointment. I’m sorry to hear that it sucked. I don’t think i’ll spend the $ to support it…

  2. Wiebke says:

    hi sarah,
    i so agree with you. i think it was a terrible movie. he should have made a good documentary, instead he made a silly melodramatic love story which doesn’t bring the point across at all.

  3. Karen says:

    I loved the book but when I heard that they were making it into a movie rather than a true documentary I was disappointed. Doubt that I’ll be seeing this one.

  4. Restless Reader says:

    When I found out the book was being made into a movie, I just couldn’t see how they were going to pull it off without making it a documentary. Well, they didn’t pull it off very well, did they? However, I do have to say that the final scene with Sylvia working at the slaughter house has really stuck in my mind.

  5. yardsale says:

    Haven’t seen the movie.

    But that second paragraph has to be the most perfect and concise movie review I have ever seen. Just beautiful.


  6. Anonymous says:

    I enjoyed the book and the flick as well. I was expecting a documentary style but was surprised by the quirky yet dark aspects of the storyline.

    I have to say it left a strong impression in my mind and a lot to think about. Next on my list to read: Diet For A New America.

  7. Anonymous says:

    It was the worst movie ever.
    I had such high expectations.
    What a waste.

  8. Celeste says:

    Somebody post a full review! What’s wrong with the movie? Why is it disappointing?

  9. leigh says:

    i saw it, and i also had really high expectations. the part with avril lavigne really pissed me off. i don’t know if i was annoyed with the movie or who that group of college kids was portraying though. I feel like if you are even vaguely familiar with cows, they are generally scared of people and don’t move fast.

    the only part i liked was about the immigrants. i felt that was more true to the book. and what really happens.

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