Facebook … Ugh.

Facebook is getting on my last nerve.  🙁

Screen shot 2014-01-24 at 4.33.27 PMI’ve noticed in the last few months that less than 15% of my 5000+ friends on Facebook were seeing my updates. WHAT!!?

I did a little investigating and it turns out Facebook is trying to extort $$ from me for ads. If I buy ads or “boost” my updates they will show my feed to more of my “friends”. WTF.

You would think that if you “liked” my page that I would show up in your feed … but sadly no. It’s beyond frustrating.  🙁

I’m not going to close my Facebook page but I wanted you to be aware that Facebook is keeping you from seeing my updates.

And while The Shark has jumped on Facebook … there are still other places you can see my updates. 🙂 I am also on Twitter, Instagram and of course my trusty blog here at www.GoVegan.net

So what’s the new Facebook going to be?? MySpace?  🙂

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