F that guy in the neck!!

The other day my friend Nova (and the receptionist from Tattoo Zoo) sent me a distressing text message about a man at her bus-stop that was hassling her about her tattoos.

I sent her a text back with some really sound advice. 😉

Read her story HERE and then tell me what you think of my NSFW advice. *laugh*

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  1. Jenn says:

    Love the advice! That is great. That guy was a F*&KNUT. Thanks for the laughs ladies;)

  2. Hannah Stone says:

    BRILLIANT!!! when i got my tattoo…right before i got it done someone actually said that too be too…”it might be hard to get a husband after that…blah blah blah” then i just looked at her and then she realized and said “oh..um….you most likely wont marry a guy that doesnt like tat’s will you”? and i said to her “EXCATLY”…

  3. Lisa says:

    LOVE IT, I get so sick of people asking about or commenting on my tattoos. It’s personal, they’re mine, leave me alone! I don’t get great art on my body for others to prod at, I get it for ME.

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