Estrella Soap

Jesse from Estrella Soap read my Jan 15th post about the German Apple Peeler and sent me something similar. Actually… the peeling apples part is the only thing similar. This contraption is so old-school and not beautiful in any way. *laugh* But it sure is cool. According to the side of the box, it can pare only, core only, pare and core only, core and slice only or pare, core and slice. Phew!

I immediately hooked it up and tried to peel an apple.
I ended up wrecking the apple. I haven’t quite figured out how to adjust the peeling-arm yet. Any tips?
While you’re mulling over my sad mutilated apple… why not head over to Estrella Soap and get something to wash your hands with. 🙂

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  1. Anonymous says:

    that is one pathetic apple hahahahahaha how mean of you!


  2. ShangriLewis says:

    My mom had one of these and makes the best pies in the world. So, I got one and learned how to make pies, so I can be a good little woman.

    You can’t use a mushy apple and you have to go fast and make sure that the peel doesn’t get stuck back in the cutter! Just practice and you will get the hang of it. It makes the prettiest pies and crisps! My kids fight over the peel that comes off (my little sister and I did, too.)

  3. Melissa says:

    I never did get my soap in the mail 🙁 I guess it was lost

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