Escalator Etiquette

I’ve said it before and I’m going to say it again… when you’re on a escalator please stand on the right or walk on the left. This rule exist to keep traffic moving at a steady pace. 🙂

Right side is for standing… Left side is for walking up. And don’t stand right in the middle or take up the entire stair with your friend. Left side walking up. Right side standing.

It’s not hard to remember. Come on people…

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4 Responses to Escalator Etiquette

  1. Kramers says:


  2. tiredsimone says:

    Wo habt ihr denn das Schild gefunden? where have you guys found that sign? Are you secretly visiting Germany without letting us know?

  3. rudee [SSOV] says:

    ooooh i hate the people who just stop walking up when it’s almost the top of the escalator, they basically jam the whole left side of the escalator. WHY ARE YOU DOING THAT???

  4. Chrissy Foreman C says:

    He he – and then you come to Australia and it’s opposite! Imagine me trying to be all ettiquettey in your neck of the woods and people are growling at me cause I’m standing on the wrong side!

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