errands up the wazooooo

I have errands to run today like you wouldn’t believe.

I’ve been trying to unpack the house and make it feel at least liveable before I leave for my trip to LA on Thursday. Plus I’m working at the shop at the same time…I need a clone. Poor Fergus is as stressed as I feel. We had a complaint that he was barking all day when I was at work on Sat. Ooops. So for now he’s going to doggie daycare until things settle down here.

We had some friends over to watch a movie last night. It was so great to be able to fit 6 people in our living room and not feel cramped. At our old place we’d have 2 people over and we were packed in tight. I love our new place!!

There are a few downsides to the new place. My kitchen is weird… everything is backwards. I’m used to doing prep on the right and cooking on the left and this place the prep is on the left. It’s like writing an essay with your left hand. *laugh* It’s so hard to get used to…I’m sure I’ll get into the swing of things once I figure out where everything goes best.

I haven’t hung any pictures yet because I’m waiting to make sure all the furniture belongs where it belongs… then I’ll hang some stuff but probably not until I get back.

We also have swallows…oooh they’re amazing. The swoop in and out of our courtyard catching bugs and rest on the railings outside our place. They are my faaaaavourite bird and being able to watch them so closely is really cool. You can walk almost right up to them and they don’t even care. We’ve been watching this one pair build a nest… it started out as a little clay lump and each day it’s grown into a large nest. Yesterday I checked on them (can’t wait to see the babies) and the nest was gone. *sob* I guess the building took it down because there was no trace of it… wwaaaahhhh. I saw them last night sitting together where their nest used to be. I wonder what they’ll do now… poor birdies.

I’m leaving for LA in a few days and am trying to get everything ready for my trip. Insurance, money exchanged, underwear to wash… I need a clone.

In other news… The Monkey Bunch now have T-shirts for sale for big kids and little kids. Contact them HERE to order your shirt or go HERE to buy your Monkey Bunch cd.

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  1. CeeVeg says:

    Sarah, Where did you get that great coffee table?

  2. Sarah's Blog says:

    THe coffee table was my parents from the 70’s.

  3. Kramers says:

    Your place looks AWESOME
    Heidi is going to love playing house there.
    We’re heading out camping tomorrow for four days and then we’ll be sending Miss Heidi to Vancouver on the 15th.
    Have a good trip. We’ll hear from you when Heidi is in town??

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