England – Day 5

Had a bad sleep. Why? Cause I stopped taking sleeping pills and was relying on my normal sleep function to take over. FAIL! Woke up feeling exhausted and shitty and weepy and grumpy and all kinds of 🙁

We decided to have a mellow morning and take our time getting ready. For breakfast I had granola/bananas and CoYo yogurt. I’m SO IN LOVE WITH IT!! It’s thick and dreamy and all kinds of yummy. I wish we could get it in Canada.


I may (or may not) have also eaten a Cat & The Cream cupcake for breakfast.  🙂


Despite the delicious yoghurt I was still grumpy. We walked through Victoria Station and I saw a poodle that looked nothing like Fergus except that he was white and I started weeping.

Everything was making me weepy. I saw a pigeon eating puke on the sidewalk and I teared up. I was so SICK AND TIRED of being bumped into by people on the streets and the noise of the cars, the tube, buses. All the hustle and bustle of the city was getting to me…

One thing made me happy … this poster.

Doesn’t he look like Jimmy Fallon?? I don’t know why but these posters made me laugh every time I saw them.

We decided to head over to Kings Road and walk around. I wanted to go to World’s End – Vivienne Westwood’s shop and reminisce about the last time I walked down this street in 1986. Wow. is it ever different. ha ha. No punk rockers anywhere … just high end stores and lots of fur-hags in their ugly fur coats. Booo.

In 1986 I was traveling with my Dad and he let me have ONE hour to go shopping in the “cool part” of town. So we walked up and down Kings Road as I sprinted through boutiques trying to find cool things to bring home with me. I actually still have a pair of boots I bought on Kings Road. I wear them once in a blue moon but they’re leather so I feel like The Vegan Police are going to bust me for wearing boots I bought in 1986.  🙂

The most exciting part of that ’86 shopping spree was when I saw lead singer from The Alarm. I was SO excited to see him and then my Dad said “He’s just walking down Kings Road so people see him. He’s a poser.” Ha ha. Harsh Dad!!! 🙂

I really wanted to go to World’s End partly because I love Westwood’s designs but also because that location is the original location of Let It Rock  aka SEX Boutique and of course there’s all the history of the shop that is connected to The Sex Pistols.


The store has had many incarnations but right now it looks like the inside of a pirate ship. It’s SO weird when you go inside because the floor is slanted and you feel like you’re in a boat. It’s the craziest feeling …


There was a dress I wanted to try on but I knew if I did it would probably fit me perfectly and I would HAVE to buy it. Thankfully I had better sense then to try on a dress that is priced at 250pounds. Eeek!

But I did splurge on a ring…  🙂


We were very hungry so we walked to a restaurant everyone kept telling us we had to try. In hindsight we should have cabbed it or taken the tube but I really love to walk from one neighbourhood to the next.

The restaurant was a little farther away than we anticipated and I was really exhausted by the time we arrived. I couldn’t wait to sit-down and order something delicious. When we finally found the restaurant … guess what … it was a f-ing “buffet style” place. Ugh. The food was all dried up and looked like it had been sitting there for hours. WHY??

In tears I told Gerry I couldn’t eat there. Maybe I’m a food diva but I like freshly prepared food … so we found a cab and went directly to SAF so I could have a proper sit-down freshly made meal. We kind of went a little crazy and ate almost everything …I was so happy to have a real meal.


On the way home we unfortunately hit rush-hour so the subway was FILLED to capacity with people. It took everything out of me not to have a panic attack. Gerry and I waited for 3 trains before we found one that we could squish into.

We got home exhausted but as we walked down our street to the flat I got to see a really lovely sunset so not all was lost.


We packed up our suitcases … tomorrow we were heading to Brighton for the tattoo convention. I was sad to say good-bye to our little pied-à–terre but ready to get the fuck out of London.

Around 8pm we decided to empty the fridge (and our bottle of wine) and we finished off our Jeeziini Vegan Cheese slices and Vegan Sausage that we got from VX.


Then things got weird… I went from being a weepy grumpy mess to someone who couldn’t stop laughing.

We took a photo of our hands on the kitchen table and it looks like I have a baby hand. This photo ruined me. I could NOT stop laughing. I had officially lost my mind.


I blame the whole day on Jet-Lag … Tomorrow will be better.

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5 Responses to England – Day 5

  1. Shauna says:

    Hi Sarah! Are you planning to visit Oxford ? I just moved here from Halifax (NS) and LOVE it ! Very walkable and not crazy crowded. I can recommend a few great veggie places with good vegan options. Thanks for the coconut yogurt tip!
    Enjoy the rest of your vacation 🙂

  2. Elisabeth says:

    I’m going to Oxford this summer, please tell me your recommendations Shauna.

  3. Rebecca says:

    Sarah sorry you had such a crappy last day in London. I hope your next stop in England will be better and hopefully with a few less people. It still seems like you had a bit of fun despite feeling awful.
    Take care

  4. vegforllife says:

    I love your blog. I hardly post here, but I peek in now and then.

    Hope you feel better.

    Sure wish you’d write a new cookbook! Or at the very least, your experiences being vegan for so long. I actually like those type of books even better than cookbooks! Perhaps you could combine the two. I would buy it!

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