England – Day 4

Got up bright and early … today was my book signing at VX and we wanted to do some sight seeing before we headed to my event.

We walked by Buckingham Palace on our way to Trafalgar Square and we were suddenly swarmed by a crowd of people. OH MY GOD IS THIS A FLASH MOB??


I couldn’t see a damn thing (me and my shortness) so I made Gerry look for me and we realized it was actually the Changing of The Guard. Since I couldn’t see anything but armpits and shoulder blades we decided to bail and made our way to Trafalgar Square.

It’s funny how in your childhood memories everything is so much bigger. I remember Trafalgar Square being a massive expanse of cement and full of pigeons. My Dad bought me a cup of seed and I stood in square and fed them.

Well … there wasn’t a single pigeon. The lions must have got them. And the square was just a square. Ha ha. It wasn’t as big as I remember. 🙂


After a quick poke around we headed towards Covent Garden.

-3 -4

It reminded me a lot of Market Square (where my store is located). Lots of little funny boutiques all connected by a open-air courtyard.

Next to Covent Garden is a beautiful Apple store. We poked around mostly because of the architecture.


The lucite stairs were amazing …


Feeling peckish we headed towards Chinatown/Soho in search for something to eat.


We didn’t find much in the way of food. We went to a vegan restaurant that was recommended by a bunch of people. It was “buffet” style. In fact almost every vegan place we went for food was “buffet” style. What’s with all the buffets London?? 🙂

The food at this place wasn’t great so I won’t mention the name but we left very hungry and grumpy.


Eeeep! Look at the time … we had to hustle if we were going to get to VX in time for my book signing. Did I mention how cold it was. It was FREEZING COLD! Like -3 and windy. We were not dressed for this weather. 🙁

We got to VX with a few minutes to spare.  🙂


When I told Rudee how hungry I was – he promptly filled me up with cupcakes! 🙂 But not any old cupcake. These are Cat & The Cream Vegan cupcakes.


I’m not really a fan of sweets. I’d choose a pickle over a cupcake any-day … but these cupcakes were AMAZING! Cat & The Cream uses real fresh ingredients and best of all is that they are also Wheat Free and Soy Free. Yessss!

The first cupcake I had was a Lemon Lime & Coconut – It had fresh lemon/lime and it had a Ruby Grapefrut curd center with citrus icing. OH MY GOD! This is what cupcakes are supposed to taste like. Not too sweet. The lemon tasted like lemon and not extract. I was in heaven! 🙂

High on sweets I went upstairs and said hi to everyone who came to VX for the book-signing. I have the best supportive fans. So many people came from far and wide to come say hi to me. It was lovely to hangout … This lovely couple traveled all the way from Wales to come see me. 🙂


These ladies posted a bunch of Instagram pictures to me of themselves on the train coming to VX to see me so by the time they walked in the store I felt like I was meeting up with old friends.  🙂


These ladies came with copies of the UK edition of How It All Vegan. I’m not allowed to talk about how much I don’t like to cover the UK company decided to go with but I think my face says it all… 😉

-15  -17

Plus I got to see people that I met the last time I was at VX.


Forgive my jacket/scarf. It was SO COLD in the store that there was no way I was going to disrobe.  🙂

As the afternoon closed Rudee presented me with my very own SSOV membership card. You can get one for yourself HERE. It gives you 10% off all your purchases.


We closed up the shop and a group of us headed to Tibits for a bite to eat. It’s a really beautiful restaurant near Piccadilly Circus. And guess what?? It’s buffet style. ha ha.

We had a great meal and some delicious drinks but more importantly I got to play catch-up with my friends that I only get to see every few years. It was a really nice night.

Big THANK YOU to VX for organizing the event and to everyone who braved the cold and came out to see me. I love you guys.  😉

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