Jan of 2014 I was freshly finished with cancer treatment. I had no hair, eyebrows, lashes or any physical strength whatsoever. I was a mess.

I enrolled in the ENCORE After Breast Cancer Exercise Program and the second I walked into the Y lobby my life changed.

I did ENCORE 3 times that year (getting stronger with each session) and then was asked if I would like to take the teacher training to be a Volunteer instructor.

I’ve been volunteering the last 2 years and … Well guess what!?? GUESS WHAT!?!

I was just hired as the official ENCORE Facilitator. I have a real job guys with hours and a TD1 form. I’m excited to put my energy into a program that gave me so much encouragement to get healthy and strong again. I’m pumped!!

💪 #mylifeisamazing

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