Elk Lake …

Had a really wonderful day-off with Gerry and The Fer-gus yesterday. It was a cloudy/cool day so we decided it was perfect weather to go for a hike. Hopped in the car and drove out to Elk Lake. Like a dummy I didn’t even think about it being a Sunday … so the park was PACKED with runners (who were doing a triathlon) and dogs. So many awesome crazy dogs.

We wandered the paths for a while and then hit the un-beaten paths to get away from the crowds. So beautiful!
I almost started singing something from The Sound of Music
This pond was FULL of frogs.
Then Gerry spotted a Canada Goose and her babies. They were fuzz-dorable.
Eeeeeeeeee! Baby animals make my heart ache with love.
Hide-and-seek is not easy with a dog who doesn’t understand the rules …
Bushed from hiking we stopped for a Dr.Weil bar. Yum but so expensive! I really need to get out VAGG and make my own energy bars.
Fergus patiently waited until we were done our snack.
With the sun now burning through the clouds and the temperature rising we decided to go for a leisurely drive through the country-side to find a roadside vegetable stall but instead we found a new Mini-Golf place!! WAHOOO! I know what I’m doing for my birthday. 🙂

We stopped at the golf place so I could find out prices and I noticed a giant SUV/Truck parked in the sun and inside was a small dog barking his head off. Concerned I asked the woman behind the counter how long the car had been in the sun. She said “at least an hour“. YIKES!

I walked over to the truck and put my hand up beside the partially open window… I could feel the heat radiating out from the car. On a whim I tried the car door and to my surprise it was un-locked so I went back to the counter and asked for a bowl of water. I cracked open the door to give the dog some water and this poor little doggie jumped into my arms – panting and whining.

I gave her a little love and walked away from the car so she could get some fresh air and so the truck would cool off. Then I put the bowl down for her and she drank a ton of water. I almost walked away with the dog I was so mad.

Instead I put her back in the car (with the bowl of water). Wrote a note for the car saying “It is too hot to leave your dog in the car. I gave her some water. Please take care of your precious cargo.

I then spoke to the woman at the counter and told her the car was un-locked and that if someone didn’t move the truck in 10 minutes … could she please remove the dog and then call the SPCA.

We drove home and I was so worried for this little fur-baby. I wasn’t sure I did the right thing and part of me felt I should have taken the dog and left a note telling them they could pick her up at the SPCA. I called the golf-course when I got home and they let me know that someone came and got the truck right after I left. PHEW!!

Do not leave your dog in the car in the summer – even if you think you’ve parked in the shade because the sun moves around and cars heat up a lot faster than you think. Click HERE to download some information from the SPCA about hot cars.

If you see a dog in distress please call the SPCA shelter or the Police immediately.

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  1. Jeni Treehugger says:

    It is amazing how people just don't think isn't it. Why leave pets in cars at all? Would people leave a baby in a car?
    That doggy was lucky thanks to you.

  2. Miranda says:

    you are a great citizen.

    it makes me sick how some people treat their animals.
    especially..when they are off assumingly for a walk!?

  3. Amanda says:

    Sarah can u pleeeease share where u got your awesome hat! I've wanted one exactly like that for YEARS. Good job on helping the dog, most people would be too afraid to get involved so high five!

  4. melyssa_marie says:

    you did the right thing. a little ballsy- yes. but it was the right thing. and points for you leaving a concise, friendly, non-bitchy note. the truck owner probably thought they would "only be a minute" – hence the unlocked door. but people are dumb and trapped animals are helpless. karma points for you!

  5. Rob Halpin says:

    I think you absolutely did the right thing and shame on this stupid owner for being so careless. Why am I not surprised that this person also drove a hummer.

  6. Beques says:

    OMG – Sarah – too weird! I was at Trader Joe's yesterday here in L.A. and when I parked in the lot, I saw a Prius with a lab mix inside with the windows barely cracked open. It was like 75 degrees and sunny. The poor pooch was panting and anxious.

    I FREAKED. I went inside and told the staff, who, to their credit, were very concerned and came to check it out. I was raging. I scrawled a note saying "TOO HOT TO LEAVE DOG IN CAR. NOT OK! WILL CALL COPS AND SPCA IF NOT HERE IN 5 MINS. SHAME ON YOU!" I put the note in the driver's window. The staff said they'd call the cops in 5 minutes if the owner did not come back. Poor baby dog, trapped in there and so hot. I had to fight the tears, I was so angry.

    I *made* the TJ's staff promise me they'd watch and actually call the cops. One of them even got a mister bottle and misted the pup thru the inch of open window. I tried to calm down and go shopping. When I did go back out there the car was gone and the staff were milling around. They said the lady was surprised and acted TOTALLY ASHAMED.

    The best part is, they also told the owner the "crazy woman" who wrote the note was going "ape shit" and that she was lucky to have gotten out of there without running into me. HAHAHHAHAA. I'd be lying if I said the thought of smashing the window and taking that dog MYSELF didn't cross my mind.

    So salut to you! We BOTH had the same deal happening, I cannot believe how weird that is!!!

    GOOD JOB!!!!

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