Eating out…

I haven’t been doing much since my book launch. I mean… besides the incredible amount of house cleaning, but that’s just relaxing time for me. *laugh*

I took a GIANT bag of stuff to St. Vinnies. Feels good to clean house and re-cycle what I don’t need anymore.

I’ve been enjoying being mellow and it’s nice to have a chance to re-charge not only my physical batteries but also my mental battery. I’ve been very pooped since I got back from the final leg of my book tour.

We’ve been eating out a lot. A l-o-t. I’m just tired of cooking for myself right now and tired of going to the grocery store. This happens after each book… I go into “Don’t want to cook” mode.

Tuesday Gerry and I went to the library and then to La Fiesta for lunch(Tuesday is his Saturday and Wed is his Sunday) Where I had veggie quesadillas that came with a side of beans and rice (ya for protien).

Gerry had the Veggie enchilada. Mmmmmmmmm.
We were very full by the time we left.

Wed we went out to Home Depot to pick up some stuff for the Tattoo Shop. We normally like to support locally owned business but Home Depot gives us credit… so… what are ya going to do?

I don’t like to say mean things about people… but this ladies outfit was so fugly that I had to take a photo for you.

Full plaid. Top to bottom. It was outragous.

It was getting late and the last thing I wanted to do was make dinner… so we ate out at the local Harvey’s which is located IN THE HOME DEPOT!!

Ahhh ha ha. We are so white trash.

Harvey’s makes pretty good veggie burgers. I was shocked…

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9 Responses to Eating out…

  1. Carrieâ„¢ says:

    My husband likes Harvey’s veggie burgers best. I like Lick’s Natureburger. If you’ve never had them Sarah, next time you’re in Southern Ontario, I urge you to go. The burgers are vegan and they are cooked on a seperate grill from the “other” burgers. The fries there aren’t that great so I always go for the onion rings.

  2. Sarah's Blog says:

    I love me some Veggie Burgers. 🙂

  3. Kramers says:

    I love Harvey’s burgers! Its such a lovely way to end a trip to Depot. And I love ‘The Deeps” mega lots.
    That womans outfit and hair made me sick to my stomach…. because glamorous me would never think of wearing somthing like that??

  4. Anonymous says:

    I will be visiting Victoria in a few weeks and would love it if you could recommend some tasty places to eat? Futaba is on my list for sure!

  5. Sarah's Blog says:

    Milestones (for the veggie burgers)
    la Fiesta
    Lotus Pond
    Green Cuisine
    The Joint (Will make vegan pizza)

    That’s all I can think of off the top of my head.

  6. papa herman says:

    i am glad to see that i am not the only person who’s saturday is tuesday and wednesday is sunday…

    the biggest perk of these days off: telling people on monday that it is friday

  7. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Sarah! I will keep those restaurants in mind…mmm, vegan pizza…

  8. Jackie says:

    OMG, is your husband a Green Bay Packers fan?!?!

  9. Sarah's Blog says:

    Ahh ha ha. No.
    He likes that toque because it has a “G” on it and his name is Gerry. 🙂

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