Earth’s Herbal

HEY!! Just got in a new shipment of Earth’s Herbal Aromatherapy products.

Dragon’s Fire Mist (a blend of┬ácinnamon, orange, ylang ylang, cedar wood) is similar to Fairy Mist (a blend of orange, lavender, hazelnut, rosewood) in that it can be used to cleans a room of stinky smells, or to clear and enhance your mental awareness or can be used as a personal scent.

I am also carrying Angel Water!

This is seriously one of my all time favorite products and acts as a wonderful skin toner. Anytime you feel like you are getting a bit greasy or dirty during the day grab a face pad and a spritz of Angel water. You will see the dirt come off on your pad – amazing. Gentle on your face, leaving your skin hydrated and soft.

A unique herbal blend with calendula flowers, witch hazel and aloe vera. Repairs skin cells and acts as an antibacterial face wash. The light, natural fragrance of a sweet vanilla orange. Your beautiful face will thank you. ­čÖé

Come down to Sarah’s Place (533 Pandora Ave) and try out the testers I have on display or purchase them online HERE.

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