I had a dream last night that my stomach was covered in dreadlocks. What??

So I cut them all of and underneath was a giant bloody scab. WHAAT?

So I cleaned off the scab and there was a giant hole that went directly into my stomach (below my belly button). W-h-a-t??

I looked in the hole and sticking out was one of my make-up brushes so I pulled it out and cleaned it off. I didn’t remember the dream until I was putting on my face this morning and it all came flooding back to me. Creepy.

It was the WEIRDEST dream I’ve ever had…

Anyone care to interpret this one?  *laugh*

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  1. Laurie says:

    This reminded me of a dream I had as a child. When I was approx. 8 yrs.old I dreamt that the back of my upper arm was itchy. I reached around to look and saw wisps of carrot tops sticking out of my skin. I pulled out a baby carrot which left a small hole and in the hole was a tiny black beetle scurrying down into my flesh.

    That dream was so incredibly vivid and disturbing yet I wasn’t scared ~ just wierded-out. I can still close my eyes and recall that dream clearly ~ 30 years later.. . . and, once in awhile, it floods back in full detail.

    I guess this means that you’ll be able “enjoy” your dreadlock-scab-gut dream for years to come. Lucky You.

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