Dream Interpretation?

Was woken up by a bad dream around 6:30am today. It was a doozy…see if you can figure it out for me.


I was in my apartment and I couldn’t find Fergus. I asked Gerry where he was and he yelled from behind a closed door (maybe the bathroom?) that he didn’t know.

I opened the front door and saw that Fergus was by my neighbours apartment door at the end of the hall. The floor was littered with feathers, bones and poop. Once I got closer I realized that he had swallowed a bird and then pooped on the floor. The bird was stuck in his throat and just the wing was poking out of his mouth. Fergus was gagging but I knew he was ok because he was able to breathe so I scooped him up and brought him back into the house and put him down on the bed.

I yelled at Gerry “Get dressed. We have to go to the hospital!” and then I went back out into the hallway and started cleaning up the poop and bones. I noticed I was wearing blue nitrile gloves (like the ones we use at Tattoo Zoo) and I removed the gloves so I could vacuum the rug to pick up all the feathers.

I went back to the bedroom to check on Fergus and Gerry was holding him in his arms. He looked up at me and said “I guess the Robin is back.
What Robin?
The Mommy Robin who lives in the hallway. That must be her baby.

I tried to force the bird out of Fergus’ mouth but then noticed that Fergus’ lips were really dry and I started to worry that he was dehydrated.  I woke up scared out of my wits and couldn’t fall back to sleep.

WHAT THE HECK?  Feel free to interpret that one …  🙂

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