Do these boots make me look fat?

Day 130 … whoops! I fell off the 365 wagon there for a second and missed a few days. The snow kind of threw me for a loop plus I’ve been working really hard on getting my new store Sarah’s Place up and running that I lost track of the 365.

During the recent snowstorm – the heavily salted sidewalks were hurting poor Fergus’s toes.

We’d try to take him for a walk but as soon as we hit a salt patch he’d stop in his tracks, give a little whine and lift up his paw. It was so sad.

We bought these boots (that velcro on) at Chez Terry in Fairfield and they work great. It took Fergus a little while to figure out how to walk in them … but once we got going he was great!

YAY for boots!

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