Did anyone e-mail me today??
Cause I got 2500 e-mails today and it was all junk mail. That doesn’t seem right…

Yay! We got a new room… our other room was great but it was over the bar and SOOO loud until 2am when the bar closed. This room is over on the other side of the hotel… so it’s uber quiet. Hooray.Unfortunately I had a crazy bad sleep last night… I had a MAJOR headache that woke me up about 4am and I couldn’t get back to sleep. I even had to wake Gerry up to cuddle me because I felt so horrible and sick from the pain. 4 headache pills and 2 hours later I was finally able to fall back asleep. Yikes. Woke up today feeling pretty terrible.We at at Fresh twice yesterday. I’m sure the staff think we’re crazy, cause we also ate there for breakfast the next day and grabbed some dinner there tonight. 🙂

Gerry had a Urban Cowboy which is tempeh, mayo and some other good stuff. I had the Simple Soba which is sooo simple it’s perfect. Buckwheat noodles with a tahini sauce with grated carrots, chopped parsley and grilled tempeh. YUM!For breakfast I had Banana Nut Pancakes… SO GOOD!Gerry had the fruit almond pancakes. Yummers.Gerry went to work and I went to The Cookbook Store for my book signing. It was raining peas and carrots today. ALL DAY! The rain never let up… It was like I was in Victoria or something. *laugh* So I was so very pleased that some nice people showed up to talk about the book .
I’m off to bed. I feel like poop.

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