Diary of a tattoo…

Got a new tattoo from Mr.Gerry Kramer!! *woot* About freakin time… I haven‘t been tattoo‘d in ages.

I thought for those of you who‘ve never seen a tattoo in progress you might enjoy this little photo diary.

So Gerry and I talked about the image I wanted and he spent some time furiously drawing and re-drawing the picture until I liked what I saw. I liked what I saw right away… by the way. The man is a genius. Then we talked about what colors everything would be…
Then he makes a stencil of the drawing and places it on my leg. Thank goodness I had that pedicure.
While my stencil dries he sets up his gear. First he picks the needles he wants to use.And sets up his tattoo machine.
Then he starts tattooing. AHHHHH!!
We’re about halfway there…Oh dear lord. I need a water break. Getting close to finishing the outline!
Outline is done. That’s it for me today… I tapped out. *laugh*Outline took about 1.5 hours to do… color will be done in a couple of weeks. I had a rough sleep last night. *laugh* My leg was aching… Beauty is pain right??This is me in the morning… a little puffy and sore, but you get the idea. By the way, it’s really difficult to take a photo of your own leg. *laugh* I’ll post a better photo once we put some color into it. 🙂

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