Defensive Omnivore Bingo Card

I saw this mentioned over at Vegansaurus blogBingo Card and I thought it was a perfect thing to take with you to your family dinner!! Click on photo for readable version.

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4 Responses to Defensive Omnivore Bingo Card

  1. Danette says:

    I am so going to print this today and use it for our holiday Thanksgiving Dinner!

  2. Niki says:

    Ahahahaa brilliant!
    I think I have heard all of those and more.

    We need a few more squares to include:
    “We needed meat to grow our brains and evolve past the monkeys.”

    “I’m going to eat twice as much meat just to spite you.”

  3. Valentina says:

    This is so funny 🙂 I’m surely gonna use it on the various Christmas lunches and dinners I’ll have to attend!

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