Dearly Beloved…

My friend Graham took this shot of us in 2014. I was fresh from treatment – my face still a little round and puffy from all the medications. 

Gerry vowed “In sickness and in health” when we got hitched in 1996 but we didn’t anticipate how sick. 

The statistics are staggering – many woman survive breast cancer but their marriages do not. 

We do not take our bond lightly and we were so gentle with each other during my fight with cancer. It wasn’t easy but we made it through. Hold tight to your loved ones. 💜 

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  1. Cathy says:

    You have been my hero for years, sitting quietly reading all your thoughts you shared with the world. I may being going through the same, waiting for the report which I think I haven’t gotten yet because I think nobody wants to call me with the bad news. I have been a wreck waiting, thinking of how it will affect my husband. Then I had a thought. I need to think of how it will affect me. Be selfish for a change. Put myself on top for a change. Suddenly I felt relief. Like I was on to something. Thank you for being there with your wisdom.

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