Dear Neighbours

Dear Neighbours
While we appreciate a good party … we are writing to say that you seem to be having a little bit too much fun.

What we would like to remind you is that you are living in a condominium complex. What that means is that you are surrounded by neighbors on all three sides of your place.

We’re not saying don’t have your friends over, but please keep the hooting and hollering down after 11pm. We are having a really hard time sleeping through all your noise and some of us have to work the next day and are not getting enough REM.

Your yelling, hooting, running up and down the stairs and Pearl Jam sing-a-longs at 4am is a little much to handle, so please try and keep it down.

And don’t forget to shhhhhhhhhh when you’re in the hallway. Voices really carry in our little courtyard and it wakes the entire building up.


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  1. Eric says:

    Trust me when I say I know exactly what you’re going through. At a certain point, you give up on being nice the neighbors — who haven’t really shown an effort to deserve it in the first place — and you call the police. 🙂

  2. Carol says:

    Ah yes, the curse of the noisy neighbours. And the curse of the echoing courtyard…we have that too.
    I’m really uncomfortable with confrontations, but I am ‘Queen of the Note Slipped Under the Door’ and I’m not shy to call the manager if the problem persists.

    I also think about how sad it is that their world is so small that they aren’t able to think of the people around them, yanno?

  3. Mizz Monster says:

    Ohhh I can sympathize… This is precisely why we moved out of our beautiful old loft downtown and into a house on the east side.

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