Dear Ikea

You suck…
Now I have to have a “finger food” party with my family this weekend rather then a dinner party.

Apparently I’ll get my new sink on Monday…

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2 Responses to Dear Ikea

  1. andrew says:

    Ikea’s not my friend either, we should probably start a club.

    After one month of owning my “pax” wardrobe, the doors had warped so badly that they can only come within about three inches of closing. Ikea won’t warranty them though as I didn’t keep the receipt. “You need the receipt. The receipt’s your warranty.”

    Dear Ikea, you suck!

  2. Drasch23 says:

    You are too funny.

    The real reason for my comment, is I wanted to let you know that I “reviewed” your blog on my post today. If you wanted to check it out to make sure I didn’t say any thing that will piss you off. 😉

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