Dear Drunk People…

Dear Drunk People,
Why did you think it was a good idea to stand outside my hotel room and have a long drawn out conversation about nothing in particular? Did you have to be loud and obnoxious? When I was a drinker I spent most of my time slobbering on myself in the corner of a room. I guess talking loudly on your cell phones and not realizing that it’s 3am in the morning and that you are surrounded by all these rooms full of sleeping people who are paying good $$ to sleep is all part and parcel of being a drunk Chachi bar-star.

Well I hope you don’t mind that I called the front desk to move you along. Oh wait. You do mind. What? Oh you have now decided to get louder. Great.

Dear Noise Cancellation headphones.
I know you’re trying your best to filter out the sounds of the Chachi bar stars but it’s not working. Please try harder … oh wait. Is that a fire engine? Oh great… Fantastic. Chachi bar stars and a fire.

Dear San Francisco
Why do you have to have rush hour traffic at 7 in the morning? Didn’t the Chachi bar star keep you up last night? Don’t you want to sleep in a little? I know I did. 🙁

Dear Everyone
I’m so tired. I had noise cancellation headphones on top of earplugs with eye patches and a pillow over my head and I still barely slept because of Chachi Bar Star so if I end up falling asleep in my soup today, please just make sure I don’t drown.
Tired in San Franciso

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2 Responses to Dear Drunk People…

  1. Saar and Niko says:

    Ya didn’t choke with the pillow on top of your head! That’s good!

  2. Louise says:

    this reminds me of something i did in my teen years…loud people…courtyard…hotel…no sleep…waterballoons…quiet!

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