Dear Canadian Tire

I shop at Canadian Tire because you are a Canadian company. I only go to other hardware stores if I can not find what I need at your store. Happily this doesn’t happen very often.

As a proud Canadian Tire customer I am writing to let you know how disappointed I am that you are now hiring children.

Recently I have noticed an influx of pubescent teenagers working in your store. Not only do they not care about customer service but they seem to have NO KNOWLEDGE AT ALL of the products in your store.

Where are the grown-ups?

Where are the men and woman who used to work in your store who knew your stores stock inside and out and would help you find what you needed?

I know they’re cheaper. I know you don’t have to pay them benefits. I know they work weekends. I know you can work them to death without them complaining… but I will stop shopping at your store if I don’t see a change in personnel soon.

Thank you.

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