Day three… the sleepiest day ever!

This was our day.
Woke up around 10:30 am. Had a bath. Ate breakfast. Turned on The E-Channel. Had a nap. Woke up. Got some lunch stuff (fruit, potato salad, mineral water). Watched E-Channel. Had a nap. Woke up. Got dressed again…

What a day. 🙂

As I was waiting for Wendy to get dressed for dinner I watched a beautiful sunset out our hotel room window.Across the courtyard from us is a BEAUTIFUL art deco hotel called The Sunset Tower Hotel.
I’m talking to Gerry on the phone and looking out my window at this magnificant building…When I notice something. What? Is it? Is it REALLY??A man standing naked in his hotel room showing off his penis. My word. We quickly got in the car and drove quickly away from The Penis and headed to The Newsroom Cafe (no website) for dinner. The Newsroom is right across from The Ivy (where the starlets like to be seen).And also right across the street from that antique store where Lindsey (I need some sunscreen) Lohan hid when she got into her car accident a while back. The food was ok. A little expensive for a veggie burger that was kinda flavourless. But they had pretty good “chicken” wings. Not as good as Red Bamboo in NYC or Vegetarian Haven in T.O. but pretty good. Wendy had a blue cheese dip (don’t judge her) and I had a faux sour cream dip.
My biggest complaint about this place is the menu. It’s very veggie friendly… but not really. I wanted to order the Vegan Ribs (which came with mashed potatoes) but the mashed potatoes weren’t vegan. That sort of thing… if you’re going to offer a vegan dish… make the entire freakin thing vegan. Ya dig??

I was peeking at the local paper and noticed this ad that seemed very LA to me. SUMMER SPECIAL “Change your lips! Just for fun!” Yikes.I took a photo of the patio for you … only to realize that I accidently also took a photo of the songwriter Diane Warren eating her dinner. I don’t know how I know what she looks like or how I know her name… but I guess I’ve seen her on tv before or something. Wendy and I went back to the room. Turned on the E-channel and packed for our trip home the next day.

Good night Diane Warren.

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  1. Wandering Coyote says:


    I just had my blogfriend Karen recommend your blog to me because I had a recent penis story to tell on mine, too. Great post! I wish I could have taken some pictures to augment my story. Ah well…

    I am also in Victoria but moving tomorrow, unfortunately. You are the first Victoria blogger I’ve come across since I came here in Feb. Alas…

  2. Carrieâ„¢ says:

    OK, I could type all kinds of really bad jokes about the penis guy, but I won’t.
    Your sleepy day sounds like my kinda day and sounds like you enjoyed it and your trip.

  3. KleoPatra says:

    Love the post (as always)… filled with great stuff. What a holiday you had.

    I agree about the vegan meal… if yer gonna do vegan, DO VEGAN… sheesh!

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