Crinolines VS petticoats?

Squeee!! I now have my favourite petticoat in stock. Or is it a crinoline? What is the difference? Anyone??

Made of organza fabric, three layers, gives any full skirt or full skirted dress that extra OOMPH!  Crinoline is lined so it won’t scratch your legs. 🙂

This crinoline/petticoat goes perfectly under the new Bettie Page Fan skirts I just got in. This skirt is SO SO gorgeous!!!

I wore it yesterday and got compliments everywhere I went. 🙂

Come down to Sarah’s Place to try one the new skirts (533 Pandora Ave) or you can order online HERE.


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  1. Danica says:

    I seriously fantasize sometimes about being that 50’s housewife! Or at least looking like her. 😉 You pull it off wonderfully!

    Oh, crinoline is the material a petticoat is made from. 😉

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