HIAVI am giving away a copy of the new 10th anniversary edition of How It All Vegan to the person with the best story!!

I’d like to hear what HIAV means to you. Doesn’t have to be a long story but it does have to be a good one.  🙂
Extra points if you can make me cry.  *laugh*

Deadline is Aug 31st
Send all entries to

Your letter(s) may or may not be posted on website.

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  1. This is by far THE best cookbook I have ever owned, it is my food bible! I am constantly telling people about it and getting them to try new dishes that they may not have been open to otherwise. I love the expressions, comments and interesting noises that come about when feeding a dish from HIAV to carnivores…it is simply AWESOME! Without this book, I think I would be lost in the kitchen 🙂

    HIAV means I get to prove to my boyfriend that not all vegan food is bland and tasteless! (Why he thinks this is still baffling to me me but he is seriously a trooper when it comes to trying anything and everything I put on a plate in front of him)

    HIAV means fun with family and friends accompanied by delicious food!

    HIAV means never having to stress out trying to decide what to eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

    ***HIAV means an amazing, super talented, charming, beautiful, spirited lady has fully succeeded in publishing the BEST VEGAN COOKBOOK EVER!!!***

  2. Rik Deskin says:

    How It All Vegan is the first Vegan cookbook that I bought for my wife that had wit, intelligence and heart. I had bought Kim (my wife) other vegan cookbooks, but none had inspired her as much as HIAV. Until this point, she had never declared herself a vegetarian even though I’d been vegan since 1997 and a vegetarian since 1991, but shortly after, something shifted. She began identifying herself as vegetarian, and really shifting her ecological footprint and thanks to Sarah, is now interested in getting a tatoo. We have not missed a single book from Sarah Kramer and really appreciate Tanya and Sarah’s first effort.

  3. Jen O says:

    HIAV means being able to eat at my in-laws. There are so many recipes that require simple ingredients that most of them can be made even with their bare cupboard standards! I can make fantastic meals for the whole family with minimal eye rolling. Yay! Instant awesome wife!

  4. Oneida says:

    I love HIAV. My 12yr daughter has been a Vegan for 3 years and I have been a Vegan for 2 months, I have been cooking everything on my own, making my own things Vegan because I could never find a cookbook that I could use, Until now. With HIAV my daughter can cook right out of a cookbook. The recipes are so easy to follow and it is the first Vegan Cookbook that I can use that doesn’t mean I have to run out and buy things that I have never heard of. I love all the information that the book has to offer besides the recipes. I have learned so much from this book. This is the first book I have read by Sarah and Tanya and I will be making sure I get the rest of the books too. It is with sadness in my heart that as of Monday I have to give my cookbook back to the Library, but one day I will own my own copy of How It All Vegan.

  5. Ashley says:

    The world is changing and we are constantly seeing more tolerance and intelligence in the choices we make as human beings, but unfortunately skeptics still abound when it comes to veganism and vegetarianism. I’ve been told that I will have a weak body, that my choice won’t make a difference, and I’ve even been told to “stop avoiding reality and ‘enjoy’ life.”

    How it All Vegan has been a crucial tool in demonstrating to my closest friends and relatives that not only is the food in a vegan diet healthy, but it’s also nourishing, colorful and delicious.

    I’m thankful for this book. I have been able to eat well and be entertained with cooking for all of my four vegetarian years.

    Thanks in part to How it All Vegan, I have no plans to eat animals–and I won’t be “avoiding any reality.”

  6. Mary-Morgan says:

    i tried to send my letter about “what hiav means to me” to the address you gave, but it returned it to me.
    so here is my story:

    hey sarah!

    my story:

    It all started in august of 2007. i was in computer
    class at my local community college and was surfing the internet (even though i
    wasn’t allowed) and i saw an add for peta. naturally i got a little curious, so
    i went to, then i watched a video, then another, then
    another then another. i was horrified. i decided to go vegetarian. then in
    october of 07 i was in barnes and noble with my sister and went to the cookbook
    section to find a good vegetarian cookbook, and lo and behold there was HOW IT
    ALL VEGAN. it looked cute, and honestly i tend to judge books on the cover D:
    hahha. anyways i was interested and had heard what veganism was but didnt
    understand it. so i sat on the floor of barnes and noble thumbing through how it
    all vegan looking at all the recipes reading everything. and of course, i
    purchased it. i went home did more and more research on veganism and decided to
    take my vegetarianism one step further. i became vegan. i read the cookbook like
    it was the bible. word for word, taking it all in.

    i come from a family of carnivores. i live in
    southeast alabama, there are a lot of farms, a lot of hunting, a lot of
    “country” and “comfort” food. my daddy is even on a bbq team! my family wasn’t
    very supportive at first. they would cook all this meat and cheese and blah
    blah, trying to make me eat it. they thought i was crazy, especially my daddy.
    they didn’t understand. and i told them they didn’t have to. i wouldnt force my
    veganism on them if they didnt force their meat and stuff on me. they eventually
    came around and that christmas even bought me more vegan cookbooks! 😀

    i was so excited.

    over the months i ending up buying LA DOLCE VEGAN
    and VEGAN A GO-GO! and love them dearly!

    i am not going to lie. january of 09 i swayed, i
    ate meat and got so sick. 🙁 i came right back to veganism. and am now happier
    than ever. i dont know why i did that in january but i am ashamed and mortified
    that i did. i cook out of how it all vegan just about every single day, at one
    meal or another. i am almost always in my kitchen. when i am at home anyways. i
    have tons of food stains all over my book. but i think it gives it character and
    shows that it has been well used and well loved. which it has. my friend from
    work is contemplating veganism. i had a pamphlet had sent me in the
    mail, about factory farming and vegetarianism and veganism and the works. it
    made her cry. she said she was going to purchase a vegan cookbook for herself
    and give it a go. i would love to give her my HOW IT ALL VEGAN book. as it was
    my first vegan book/cookbook and showed me the ways and gave me comfort and hope
    as a new vegan; i hope that it will do the same for her. i would love love love
    the new HIAV addition to replace mine that i will soon be giving to a new

    it would be just as or even more loved and worn
    than the last. maybe not more loved, because the first was my

    but you know what i mean 😉



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