Clean Sweep …

About once or twice a year I like to do a CLEAN SWEEP of my house. I usually do it after I finish a manuscript or finish a book tour … I go room by room and drawer by drawer and clean, remove and edit as much as I can.

Part of the reason is that I’m a collector by nature so I’m always bringing home something – whether it’s a rock from the beach or a sweet score from a thrift store. I don’t want my house to look like those crazy hoarders on Oprah so a sweep of the house really does the trick.

I also find it really relaxing… yes… cleaning relaxes me. 🙂

So since I got back from my book tour I have gone through every nook and cranny of the house and removed anything I don’t use/wear/look at anymore. It’s so liberating to only have things I want in the house.

I’ve done almost all the rooms in my house and today was Kitchen Day. I went through each cupboard and dusted, deleted and organized everything. Right now I’m cleaning my food processor with a toothbrush and q-tips. You don’t realize how dirty your appliances knobs get until you start really cleaning them.

I also cleaned out the fridge. Removed any items that have been in there for a while (How long has that mustard been in there?) then everything I put back I wrote the date with a sharpie so next time I clean I’ll know how long somethings been in the fridge.

Have you cleaned your fridge lately?

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5 Responses to Clean Sweep …

  1. vegannikki says:

    I cleaned my fridge out yesterday and now today I realize I have no food and need to go shopping!LOL

  2. Carol says:

    The fridge, no, but funny you should mention this because we hauled out two of the GIANT clear plastic garbage bags full of stuff out to the entrance for Big Brothers to pick up this morning. We also had some blankets in a bag under the bed and we took those to the Sally Ann.
    I find it really liberating as well to get rid of things that we don’t use or wear and I wish I could get bitten with that bug more often!
    I am also a big fan of using a toothbrush to clean with and thanks for the tip about the sharpie.

  3. Maria Rose says:

    Yes, and I found disturbing things which had fallen behind the crisper. Now I check that regularly!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I clean when I'm stressed or nervous about stuff. The time Mom had to fly on a Cormorant helicopter, I cleaned the house from top to bottom, did laundry, and even washed a few walls.
    I too am a collector by nature, need to to do a sweep of things, but haven't had the gut's to get at it yet. I've too many hobbies and interests, and have books & supplies for each one, need to move to a larger place, LOL!

  5. Anastasia says:

    oh my goodness, just as you were saying :How long has that mustard been in there?: I was noting in my head that I should date things in my fridge, and sure enough you seem to feel the same way.

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