Clean Sweep …

About once or twice a year I like to do a CLEAN SWEEP of my house. I usually do it after I finish a manuscript or finish a book tour … I go room by room and drawer by drawer and clean, remove and edit as much as I can.

Part of the reason is that I’m a collector by nature so I’m always bringing home something – whether it’s a rock from the beach or a sweet score from a thrift store. I don’t want my house to look like those crazy hoarders on Oprah so a sweep of the house really does the trick.

I also find it really relaxing… yes… cleaning relaxes me. 🙂

So since I got back from my book tour I have gone through every nook and cranny of the house and removed anything I don’t use/wear/look at anymore. It’s so liberating to only have things I want in the house.

I’ve done almost all the rooms in my house and today was Kitchen Day. I went through each cupboard and dusted, deleted and organized everything. Right now I’m cleaning my food processor with a toothbrush and q-tips. You don’t realize how dirty your appliances knobs get until you start really cleaning them.

I also cleaned out the fridge. Removed any items that have been in there for a while (How long has that mustard been in there?) then everything I put back I wrote the date with a sharpie so next time I clean I’ll know how long somethings been in the fridge.

Have you cleaned your fridge lately?

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