Gerry called me a few days ago and said “Want to go to Cirque?” He had found some cheap tickets on Craigslist and my answer was “HELLS YES!”

We met up with our pals Cody and Savvy and stopped at Hernandez for a quick bite. I had 5 bean/corn tacos ($5). YUM!

On the way to see the show we saw all kinds of people dressed up… some put more work into their outfits then others. This lady’s outfit was AMAZING!!

At the Save On Foods Memorial Arena they have a weird booze policy…

If you’re under 23 you can only have 1 drink at a time?? But the drinking age in BC is 19 … hmmmm.

I was kind of bummed that the show was at the arena. Arena shows always kind of suck and the last 3 times I’ve seen Cirque it’s been in their tents. The tents are rad because you feel like you’re walking into to a sacred space and I find them to be more intimate but once the show started … it was fine.

I am always so impressed with the sheer perfection of Cirque. Never-mind the mind blowing performances and the physical prowess of the performers but the costumes, lighting, set, live music, everything everything everything about their shows is incredible. If you get a chance … check it out.  🙂

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  1. Heidi says:

    I am a cirque fan too… I saw alegria in pittsburgh i was a little disappionted that it was in the arena but i still found it magical. I will be going to see my 5th cirque show in November..Drallion it too will be in an arena but i am sure it will still be amazeing!

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