Catching up …

I came home from my mini-tour to a very remorseful Gerry and a scorched out pot …
Burnt potApparently he tried to boil water (to make pasta) and forgot about the pot on the burner. Boiled up all the water and then burnt up the pot. It’s scrubbed clean but I think the pot is done-for. Any ideas about how to repair it?

In other news my parents popped into town unexpectedly this weekend. That was a nice surprise.  🙂 We met for brunch at Mo:Le and had a nice time … It’s funny how the older I get – the more I love and want to spend time with my parents.
My parentsIn other news … Gerry is growing a mustache.Ger & DadNot sure how I feel about it yet …

Of course I’ve spent some serious beach time with Dog since I’ve been home …beach

Nothing like a long walk on the beach to clear out stress and cobwebs. I love me some beach and some dog.  🙂

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2 Responses to Catching up …

  1. E.K. says:

    More like a man-stache, Gerry looks awesome. Tell him he gets two thumbs up from me.

  2. Cassie says:

    To save my burnt pots, I usually sprinkle the bottom with a generous layer of baking soda and then bring to a vigorous boil a few minutes. Then I let it stand over night. All the gunk should wash right off.

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