Busy doing nothing…

I’ve had a bit of a vacation from VAGG since I handed in my manuscript. I’ve been using the time to not do much of anything but just chillax and re-charge my batteries – basically lots of laying around and day dreaming.
But now as I sit down to write I realize I’ve been really busy. *laugh*

I had a lovely visit with my parents who were in town briefly. I also had a nice visit with Sarah and Adam from Tattoodles. We went to Mo:Le for dinner and it was YUM as usual! I went and saw my friend Anne Schaefer perform at Alix Goolden Hall (which is an fantastic space to hear music).
Gerry and I rented Lars and The Real Girl which I loved loved loved and not just because it had my “back up husband” Ryan Gossling in it. Well maybe….

I also received an AMAZING painting by my friend Maria who painted this painting based on a photograph I took in an art gallery in New York. I freaking love it!!
Yesterday Gerry and I cleaned all our windows and screens. This meant climbing on ladders wielding squeegees. Holy did it ever make a difference washing off all the winter sludge … now our place feels brighter and lighter.

And last night we went and saw Iron Man with Robert Downey Jr. I quite enjoyed it.

I wonder what I’ll do today… 🙂

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