Boxing Day!

Had a great day yesterday. Gerry and I decided to walk down to the tattoo shop and check on the floors (we re-painted them on the 23rd and wanted to make sure they were dry) so we suited up the dogs and headed downtown.

Oooops. I totally forgot that it was boxing day and the streets were TEEMING with people. Poor Dexter was a little overwhelmed by all the commotion but it was a great learning opportunity for him. He learned not to lunge at people on bicycles (yikes). He learned not to lunge at skateboarders (double yikes) and he learned to stay stay chill and sit when we were waiting for the lights.

There was probably 3-4 times I had to say “watch out” to clueless idiots walking around with their heads in their iphones. Look up once in a while people!! There’s a whole world of possibilities in front of you. 🙂

We headed back home and the boys were exhausted so I made lunch and then Gerry suggested I try giving Dexter a bath. I have been avoiding giving him a bath (even though he stinks like urine and neglect) because I wanted him to be calm and relaxed with me and the house. I have NO idea what he’s like being groomed and I didn’t want to take a step backwards.

Well guess what? He was lovely. He sat perfectly still in the bathtub while I scrubbed him down and he sat perfectly still while I trimmed his ears. WHAT A GOOD BOY!! 🙂

I think he was really happy to no longer smell like a hobo.

A strange thing happened a little while later… Fergus took an interest in Dexter (they have been politely ignoring each other all week) and after a few “play poses” they started wrestling. This went on for over an hour … it was a hoot to watch.

It must have been the bath … 🙂

Oh yeah … and we also learned that Dexter likes Kale.

How was your boxing day?

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  1. Silvia says:

    How fun! I think the cuddle puddle is not too far off…

    Dexter seems like quite the character. He has a very distinctive face, unlike most dachshunds I know.

    Any chance he might transition from ‘foster’ to ‘permanent’ at your home?

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